Getting help to eliminate the underlying problem causing and feeding depression is paramont because it won't go away on it's own! Depression is like an addiction, it is always progressive and manifest itself in every area of life and may bring on other addictions like alcohol, drugs smoking and weight gain. It may come on so slow over time or rapidly but one thing is always true it starts  to consume a person motivation to take care of their responsabilities. Depression may start weak and occasional then it may take over a person whole life and will to live.
Depression and Stress Be Gone
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Getting help!
Stop Suffering
Identifing the overall symtoms
Break Free
How many of these symptoms do you have? 
perpetual sadness
lack of energy
lack of enthusiasm
don't care attitude
weight gain
staying in bed
negative attitudes
instant gratifications
​​•lack of common sense
lack of daily hygiene
lack of concentration
sometimes rebellion
has a lot of excuses
​•doom and gloom attitudes
house and autos cluttered
uses a lot of negative words
withdrawing from human contact
crying over the smallest things
over emotional or unemotional
lack of oral and physical health care
loses self respect and respect for others
their world starts getting smaller
excessive amount of tv or internet surfing
buys things they don't need or use plus many more 
Some of the symptoms of depression are: 
We make a custom program just for you! All of our Private Therapy sessions ARE CUSTOM PROGRAMS to uncove the underlying reason and problem causing your depression then eliminating it and putting you back in charge of your life instead of controlled from an event or programming from the past. So come in and see how easy and quick your problem is solved and put it behind you like a bad habit! Don't suffer any longer! Call NOW for your free consultation! 
Back to being HAPPY!
Be FUN again!
What's wrong?
I have to do something!
Life is great again!
Wow I feel better
I know I should get motivated
When will this go away?
I just want to sleep
We did it I'm free and excited
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