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While a person can feel better after a good talk with a friend or relative, for moderate or severe emotional distress, this relief is only temporary. Talking with a trained listener helps alleviate emotional distress for good. The doctors in our practice are trained to listen and interact in a way that helps you get to the very root of your emotional concerns. 

We offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently; freeing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Don’t wait another minute. Give us a call. We’ll give you an opportunity to meet with one of our doctors and see if our practice is right for you.
Health, Wealth and Happiness! 
Working For
 Your Success!
Haven't you waited long enough?
"I need to getting things done but I have no drive anymore
 I really need help."
"Honey I feel great, I should have done this years ago. Let's go out tonight, I feel like my old self!"
#1 Feeling Depressed
#3  Happy and Healthy
#2 Take action!
Your changes will happen much easier and faster than you think by using our 
Specially and custom Designed Programs!
  • Which person are you or do you want to be? 
  • What are you waiting for? 
  • It all starts with a decision to want to change and then making that call for an appointment.
  • Don't stay STUCK in #1's Procrastination mode, Make the CALL NOW!
  • Your SUCCESS is waiting!
Intro Page
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We produce all of our own motivational and hypnotic CDs, DVDs, MP3s, MP4s and new Downloadables and record all sessions whether it be group or one on one.  We also make specially designed programs for a multitude of different situations and problems people may have or want to overcome or eliminate.  Whether it be fears, phobias, anxieties or addictions we will custom build a program around the individual.  We also have custom programs for the sports minded as well as those people in sales that want to increase their income.  Remember everyday starts out as your personal mental perception and sometimes people get stuck and we help them get motivated and overcome their obstacles once and for all.  Why not learn how to use and program your mind for success instead of allowing it to sabotage you?  Don't hope things will get better, make them get better!!     Call now!!
NO we ARE NOT Medical Doctors or Medicine Men and we don't give medical advice or prescribe!  We only give common sense suggestions as  we are Motivators, therapist and promoters of your personal success, healing and growth!
Yes we do use REGRESSION THERAPY as well as a host of other techniques for your rapid change and YOUR Success!
Think of all the chemicals that you're consuming each and every day hidden as preservatives, pesticide residues, filthy air, contaminated water and even those medications have a negative side effect which eventually will cause you to take another medication.  Some of the foods and medications you're consuming  ought to have a skull and crossbones on them. Remember they all have a compounding effect over time! 
Which sign is more dangerous, which one kills more people? 
Think about it. One is just slower than the other, at times!
Some things you can't cure with medication.  And sometimes the So-Called Cure 
is worse than the symptoms!
Learn How to Use Your Body and Mind Together As a Tool to Regain Your Health, Control and More Pleasure and Power Than You Have Ever Imagined!
  • What we do is train you mind for success 
  • How we do it is step by step in your emotional sub-conscious mind 6-5-4-3-2-1-Success, 
  • Most of your changes will happen in your sleep
What everyone else does is force you into trying to pretend the problem is not there or surpressing it! 
We find the underlying Problem and cause and Eliminate it! 
"I needed and got the right help to get me moving again once I made up my mind!"
Welcome To Hypnotic 1
Take control of your life and break any habit in a week or less. Hypnotherapy has proven an effective treatment for reprogramming the brain and overcoming fears,phobias,addictions, unwanted habits and replacing them with positive optimistic attitudes of chanes and success. You can achieve results fast, this is an easy, non – invasive therapy that helps you meet your goals quick and easy. Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy reveals just how malleable our minds really are. The most recent revelations of science have uncovered the quantum field that we are immersed in. This field is governed by our desire, and responds to it very quickly. The infinite potential for goodness in your life is floating in probability waves within your reach. All you need to do is believe and grab it!

The unconscious aspect of our minds is vastly larger than the conscious parts. It is the unconscious realm that runs our automatic systems of the body, such as our nervous system, breathing, and instinctual processes. The unconscious mind has been referred to as “the blueprint level”, meaning that it is the foundation our conscious beliefs and habits are built on. If you want lasting change, the blueprint level is where you must visit to reprogram your mind.

This can be accomplished with a steady application of will. Those who have cultivated awareness disciplines like meditation and yoga can do it with ease. For the rest of us, it is often a struggle. But what are we struggling against? If we have a new desire, such as quitting smoking, why can’t we achieve it without such struggle?

This is because you are struggling against yourself. Your past desires and beliefs that reinforce your unwanted habits are holding a strong pattern in your unconscious mind. You have programmed your brain to positively reinforce this desire. Even a negative behavior can be given enough positive reinforcement to overcome any feedback. This is the power of our minds, for good or ill.

The trained hypnotists at our Phoenix, AZ, location understand these struggles, and have developed techniques to trip the hardware of our minds, resetting the blueprint level with your new desire. This technique can be used for any change desired. You can reprogram beliefs about yourself that may have been incorrectly implanted by a difficult childhood.

With the help of Hypnotic 1, you can eliminate any habit you find unpleasant, such as:

We are happy to boast a 98% success rate at Hypnotic 1! We are in Phoenix, AZ. If you live here, or are a seasonal visitor, come and visit us to discover how we can help you!
.• Chewing your nails
• Eating disorders and losing weight
• Sleep disorders, grinding your teeth, and even nightmares
• Anxiety, panic attacks, and fears
• Drug or alcohol addictions
• Marital and relationship conflicts
• Self - esteem issues
• Grief counseling• Pain control
Wondering and thinking what to do!
Goal Achievement
  • Define it
  • Want it
  • Believe in it
  • Write it down
  • Split it up
  • Review it
  • Schedule it
  • Do it
  • Enjoy it
  • Protect it
One thing you will notice about us is we DON"T have a flashy web site, just a no non-sense plain factual tell it the way it is site and that is how we conduct our business and work with our clients. If you need flashing pictures and lights and spinning things we probably won't be a good fit or work together. Hope you all the success in the world.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. 
Choose your words, for they become actions.
Understand your actions for they become your habits.
Study your habits, for they will become your character.
Develop your character, for it defines your destiny.
For in the end we are exactly where we worked to get!
Doc’s Prayer

Oh God please don't give me money or riches instead bless me with opportunities, motivation and the courage to overcome the obstacles that have been put in front of me and to enjoy the challenge that it gives me.

Always showing me to grow by learning and accepting, prosper by change and doing and be motivated to move from the learning stage to the doing stage quickly if not instantly.

Replace my fears with respect, awareness, and enthusiasm to move in the direction of my goals.

Allow me to be a proud role model for each and every human being.

Allow me to always put a smile on people's face, a pleasurable, positive and motivational thought in their mind, a warm feeling in their heart and a kind word and laughter on their lips.

And last but not least I ask my message and motivation to others to be remembered and utilized more importantly than my name or deeds!

Thank you God!
Here is a little parting heartful thought I wrote years ago I share with some as a prayer!
We have many prepared programs on most all situations or can custom make one just for you! All of our Private Therapy sessions ARE CUSTOM PROGRAMS. So come in and see how easy and quick you problem is solved and put behind you! Don't suffer any longer! Call NOW for your free consultation! 623-266-1392