By popular demand we put together 
A Very DYNAMIC Program that will insure YOUR
Greater Success for ALL YOUR CLIENTS!

This program is not for the general public but it is for the "Professional Hypnotherapist" that is looking to double their productivity and success rate with their clients. You’ll expect to have a CLIENT SUCCESS rate of 90% + after completing this dynamic action packed course.

I have been asked for years why our success rate is so high compared with everyone else, I believe it to be that we are always ever-changing as the Times change and we build our programs from the ground floor up where most others just copy someone else’s programs.

We usually only put on our advanced course once a year we are now offering it 4 times a year due to popular demand.  There will be pre-registration and only qualified professional therapist are accepted, just to keep the classes focused and productive. 

NEWS UPDATE there are only 8 spots left in total for this year’s training programs.  However our Australian training will be in Dec. this year and has 12 openings at this time but will fill up fast. 

Contact us for openings, particulars and registration forms. (You must be a practicing professional Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist or Clinical Hypnotherapist)
Have a great day

Learn How to :
1. Break ANY Addiction in 7 days!
2. Motivate the so called un-motivatable!
3. NO DIET Weight loss 2-8lbs/week (FAT only) with NO hunger feelings or punishing exercises!
4. Convert smokers to "Happy healthy non-smokers" with NO WITHDRAWALS 98-99% of the time!
5. Find the clients real underlying programming and change it for automatic success!
6. Always making the change and success FUN!

Call now to assure your seat and position along with all details!
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***** We are now actively looking for qualified canidates for 
our office expansions around the country, world and Arizona! 

Work for us, with us or let us set you up in your own office and helping you along the way so you too can make a great living helping people. 

Call now at 602-547-0446 for a life changing experience!!