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“What a relief to be doing something, finally, after all these years. Just admitting I had a problem and needed help then taking the instructed actions has really increased my self esteem.”
Sam H. 
“Doc give us the needed push and suggestions that made it seem easier than ever before almost like it was automatic. Our lives are so much better now that we’ve ironed out some basic issues and really worked at communicating. It was well worth the time and money investment.”
Jane D.
“I just couldn’t get up in the mornings, I was always tired and never seemed like I had any energy. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat ice cream. It has been easy and I’m to the place where I  face the morning with enthusiasm. I'm not trying to lose weight any more I'm BURNING the FAT off! I now focus on my solutions instead of the problems! Thanks again Doc for believing in me, or rather, helping me believe in myself.”
Sara A.
"Doc, I just wanted you to know after 28years of being a Bulimic I haven't binged since I last saw you a year and half ago and haven't gained any weight. WOW I feel great, YOU'RE a life saver and I'm loving life."
J. B.
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From a 75 yearold Latino woman: Doc I weighted 154 lbs. and wanted to weigh 127lbs. but when I got there it was so easy I took off another 14 lbs.and feel great and it's still off this year with no diet or forced exercise. I felt so good and energised I went out and got a part time job.
Thanks again for your help it really changed me with only a little effort on my part.
From a 35  yearold contractor: 
Doc I come to see you about increasing my business and income and as I told you in only a few week put your advice and coaching to use and wrote a $250,000 remodel my biggest job yet.and I feel great.
Thanks again for your help it really worked and my family thanks you too. I'm on the right track and moving upwards
*All our teastimonials are verifiable on video or written to us and more can be seen at "Yelp"!

.Janet M.
Glendale, AZ
I was a mess when I first saw Doc he quickly helped me get my self esteem and confidence back then he helped me break free of drugs alcohol and smoking in just a few days then over then next few months dropped 60 pounds of ugly fat. ;-)
His programs work great and are very affordable plus he really does care about his clients, when he says he won't let you fail he serious. Thanks again Doc you probably saved my life!!
Janet M.

Shaun M. Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA 
David Bickley (Doc) is a master of his trade. He not only achieves your desired results, but gets to the bottom of why you keep sabotaging yourself. He has gone above and beyond in the customer service department and truly wants to help people achieve their goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

 Amy K. Kihei, HI
12/16/2017 I saw Doc while I was on a short trip to Phoenix from Maui. He has helped me over come my habit of drinking alcohol. He has helped me change my day to day thinking which has changed my life. I feel stronger, confident. I can do anything!

Patricia M. Peoria, AZ 
I came to hypnotic 1 just about a year ago. I was overweight, overwhelmed, sad and ready to change. Doc became my cheerleader and confidante, he helped me see all the excuses I was making for myself and to flip that switch in my brain to help me start eating for nutrition and to move out of my comfort zone and set goals for myself. He also programs new habits into your brain so that you are always growing and striving for new goals. It's easy, it's painless, it's affordable and it could just change your life! I lost 55 lbs in about 6 months, I'm no longer on blood pressure medication. I used to get anxiety attacks, those were gone after the second appointment and have not returned. About 3 months into the program, I felt so good that I stopped worrying about losing weight, I just wanted to keep feeling great! Losing weight is easy once you make up your mind, I chose success over failure and success feels so much better.
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