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Your Motivational Coach!
David (Doc) Brickley C.Ht.
Better known as Doc to his friends and clients, no he is not a medical doctor, he is a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1987.
A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and for the past 22yrs. living here in Phoenix, Arizona.  His first "Mind over Matter" training was 3 years with Doctor Mel Wise then hypnotic training was under the tutelage of Jack Mason and Gil Boyne Director of Hypnotism Training Institute of Ca. and President of American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, among other noted trainers and therapist educators over the years.

Doc also worked in the hospitals of Honduras administering hypnosis as the anesthetic for over 25 childbirths and one tubal ligation operation. He and his assistant also set up a hypnotic training program for the doctors and nurses there.

 In Doc's second-year private hypnosis practice he was invited to go to Australia and teach hypnosis as well as put on large group seminars up and down the east coast of Australia for stop smoking, weight loss and self hypnosis.  And for the next six years he was invited back six months a year to repeat the same pilgrimage and teachings.
You can have SUCCESS or excuses but you can't have them both, 
Which one WILL YOU choose 
This Time?
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Lisa Ramono C.Ht.
Specializing in rapid permanent Weight Loss Women's stress relief and Greif counseling. Put Lisa to the test as you start loseing weight 10-20 pounds per month without crash deiting or grueling exercise. YA!!!!
Lisa from the east coast is our newest addition to our staff of Motivational Therapist and brings with her years of experience in NLP as well as hypnotherapy and massage therapy to over come stress, depression, grief, addiction and promote a new rapid and permanent weight loss. She also has a special knack with kids. She has put on over 75 group motivational seminars and is currently putting the finishing touches on our all new,
 "RAPID WEIGHT LOSS" program, WOW it is awesome! 
Welcome aboard Lisa!!
Frank Simons NLP Practitioner and Motivational Speaker.
Frank is an associate and our behind the scenes business GURU and consultant that has owned and run a variety of successful businesses as well as being instrumental in turning businesses around and saving a few others. 

Working with him we take his knowledge and put our technique to it so people not only get a set of success plans for their business but the tools to implement them into their business as well as their daily lives without the old resistance they may have had in the past. 

Most successful businesses have training programs and seminars for their employees and some even use independent motivational firms but the average employee or attendee only retains about 10% of the information after 1 week if they don't put it into action immediately and the people that do use it usually discard it after a few weeks because of their internal beliefs and self-talk.

With our program you and/or your employees find a renewed enthusiasm that transcends your current or past level of success. Come and see us for a test drive and see how we do it, we don't just talk the talk we walk the walk. We work with you as a teammate, a coach, a trainer as well as a professor taking everyone to the next level.  Think of this: Would you like to get started now on streamlining, utilizing and leveraging your time, talent, energy and resources or would you like to wait until your competitor uses our program and see how it works for them? We show, challenge and work with people and companies to become successful are you the next success story?  Find out, come and take us for a test drive or give us a call and will come to your company whether you're across the street or across the country.

Your Professional Team Leaders
Why choose us at "Hypnotic1" : Because you want the best and you want to succeed, we have the track record over the years of having a 98% success rate with "OUR" programs. Therapy and motivation is the only thing we do and our only business, not a side  line.

What to look for in a 
REAL Professional Hypnotherapist: 
1. Do they have verifiable credentials from a Professional "Hypnotherapy School" and not a correspondence course paper mill. 
2. Do they have an OFFICE where you can find them?
3. What is their track record?
4. Do they produce their own material or use someone else's? Professionals produce their own!
5. How many years have they been doing Hypnotherapy FULL time?
6. Are they full time therapist or is it their side line business? 

***** We are now actively looking for qualified canidates for 
our office expansions around the country, world and Arizona! 

Work for us, with us or let us set you up in your own office and helping you along the way so you too can make a great living helping people. 

Call now at 602-547-0446 for a life changing experience!!