In Our Practice
failure is NOT an option!!
We use a common sense client-centered therapy approach to      systematically eliminate or improve a wide range of conditions including:

    • Depression and Stuck feelings--GONE
    • Smoking, Drug and alcohol addictions--GONE
    • Self-esteem and self-image problems--GONE
    • Eating disorders  --GONE
    • Weight Loss FASTER,EASIER and Permanent!
    • Sleep disorders--GONE
        • Migraine headaches--GONE
    • Anxiety disorders – obsessive-compulsive (OCDs), 
         Panic attacks, and agoraphobia--GONE
    • Marital and relationship conflicts Improved
    • Pain control without drugs

 Our therapy and consultations times are anytime by appointment only, Call NOW for an appointment or if you have questions, prices and procedures will not be discussed over the phone. The consultations are approximately 30-70 minutes long and ALL your questions about prices, programs and procedures will be answered at that time, there is NO charge for initial consultations and feel free to bring your other half with you. 
We work with people individually or in groups of any size depending on the program and situation. We also have corporate programs and rates and can hold up to 15 here in our facility or come to your facility. 
 You don't have to suffer any more, We Work With You!
Call for a free consultation Appointment! 602-547-0446
We produce all of our own motivational and hypnotic CDs and DVDs and record all sessions whether it be group or one on one.  We also make specially designed programs for a multitude of different situations and problems people may have or want to overcome or eliminate.  Whether it be fears, phobias, anxieties or addictions we will custom build a program around the individual.  We also have custom programs for the sports minded as well as those people in sales that want to increase their income.  Remember everyday starts out as your personal mental perception and sometimes people get stuck and we help them get motivated and overcome their obstacles once and for all.  Why not learn how to use and program your mind for success instead of allowing it to sabotage you?  Don't hope things will get better, make them get better!!     Call now!! 623-266-1392
Yes we do use REGRESSION THERAPY as well as a host of other techniques for your rapid change and YOUR Success to find, identify and eliminate the real underlying problem that causes your day to day negative situations and addictions!
 It's time to be Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and in control of your life!
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